We love street food, especially from the memories of taste where we growing up with, the China town district of Cholon Vietnam. We also enjoy and love the diverse California cuisine. We combine our 30 years of fine dining restaurant experience and the passion of love on Asian street food infused with California cuisine, we believe we could deliver dishes with an approach of fresh, simple yet tasty dishes to please your palate.


We use unprocessed meat, local produce and fresh noodles to cook all our dishes at time of order to ensure additive free and freshness of every dishes


We cook our dishes with simple flavors and preparation. We use spice, seasoning and temperature control to elevate the original ingredient’s flavors rather then overpower the natural taste of the ingredients. Therefore, you will find our cooking is simple and straight forward.


We always in search to improve our culinary knowledge and perfecting our skill to provide you a tasty dishes possible