Fresh • Simple • Tasty 新鮮 • 簡实 • 美味

Rice+Noodles Asian Kitchen is a Chinese cuisine restaurant. Our dishes are fresh, simple and tasty.

Dim Sum/ Appetizers

Pot Sticker – Pork and vegetables 8 Egg Roll – Chicken, cabbage, carrot and celery 6 Cream Cheese Crab Puff – Imitation crabmeat, cream cheese and onion 7 Steamed Dim Sum Platter – 2 of each: Ha gao, pork siu mai, bokchoy shrimp, squid ink lobster 13 Pork Siu Mai – Pork, shrimp and shitake mushroom… Read more »


Chinese Chicken Salad – Peanut and crispy rice noodles 13.5 Soft Shell Crab Noodle Salad – Peanut, mint, bean sprouts, onion, cucumber and fish sauce vinaigrette 17 Grilled Pork Noodle Salad – Peanut, mint, bean sprouts, onion, cucumber and fish sauce vinaigrette 14 Grilled Chicken Dark Meat Noodle Salad – Peanut, mint, bean sprouts, onion,… Read more »

Banh MI Sandwich/ Zhuabing Pancake Roll (手抓餠卷)

Zhua Bing Roll (抓餠卷) served with cilantro, onion and cucumber. Please try our restaurant in Campbell. Grilled Pork – 11 Grilled Chicken Dark Meat – 11 Grilled Chicken White Meat – 11 Grilled Beef Tenderloin – 14.0 Grilled Salmon – 14.0 Vegetarian Chicken – 11.0 Banh Mi Sandwiches French bread, cilantro, green leaf, pickled daikon… Read more »

Chinese Noodle in Campbell

Rice+Noodles Asian Kitchen’s Noodle Soup dishes are inspired by street vendors in many parts of Southeast Asia. Our soups blend quality, fresh and flavorful ingredients reminiscent of the best noodle soup stands in Southeast Asia. Please try our restaurant in Campbell. Roasted Half Chicken Noodle Soup – 15 Roasted Duck Leg Noodle Soup – 16… Read more »

Grilled/Roasted Meat with Rice

Egg Fried Rice With A Choice Of Meat Pan-fried rice with egg and onion Roasted Five Spice Half Chicken – 16.5 Braised Short Rib (6 oz) – 18.5 Grilled Pork (5 oz) – 15.5 Grilled Chicken Dark Meat (5 oz) – 15.5 Grilled Chicken White Meat (5 oz) – 15.5 Grilled Beef Tender (5 oz)… Read more »

Chinese Stir-Fried

Stir-Fried Sauteed Crispy Tofu in Mandarin Sauce – 15 Sauteed Assorted Vegetable – 15 Eggplant Tofu – 15 Sauteed Vegetable de Asia – 15 Kung Pao Vegetarian Chicken – 15 Ginger Scallion Fish Filet – 16 Basil Salt and Pepper Fish Filet – 16 Shrimp with Seasonal Vegetable – 18 Caramelized Garlic Prawn – 18… Read more »


Cassava Bar – 6 Fried Banana with Ice Cream – 7

Chinese/Vietnamese Party Trays

Dim Sum by Dozen Pot Sticker -$17 Crab Puff -$15 Egg Roll -$30 Steamed Charsiu Pork Bao -$19.5 Chicken Siu Mai -$14.5 Pork Siu Mai -$14.5 Chao Zhou Crab Cake -$17.5 Ha Gao -$16 Pan Fried Chives Dumpling -$23 Egg Custard Steamed Bao -$18 Pan Fried Taro Shrimp Cake -$32 Squid Ink Lobster Dumpling -$17.5… Read more »

Boba Tea/Bubble Tea/Thai Tea/Pearl Tea in Campbell

Bubble tea (also known as pearl tea, boba tea, Thai milk tea, boba ice tea or simply boba) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink. Rice+Noodles Asian Kitchen offers several varieties of boba iced tea, bubble iced tea, Thai iced tea and pearl iced tea with a choice of syrup flavor. Our boba tea, bubble tea, pearl… Read more »